Competition for admission to PhD programs!

NATFA “Krastyo Sarasfov” offers PhD programs following the modern science development trends in the scientific specialities “Theater Critical Studies and Theater Art” – code 05.08.01, and “Film Critical Studies, Film Art and TV” – code 05.08.03.

The art criticism nature of education on the scientific specialities “Theater Critical Studies and Theater Art” and “Film Criticla Studies, Film Art and TV” determines the following basic profiles in the training of PhD students:

Stage Arts Faculty

- Theater Critical Studies;
- Drama Theater Acting;
- Drama Theater Directing;
- Stage and Screen Design;
- Puppet Theater Acting;
- Puppet Theater Directing;
- Puppet Theater Design;
- Physical Theater;
- Stage Speech;
- Public Speech

Screen Arts Faculty

- Cinema Studies and Film and TV Critical Studies;
- Film and TV Dramaturgy;
- Film and TV Directing;
- Film and TV Editing;
- Classical and Computer Animation;
- Film and TV Cinematography;
- Photography.

PhD students are admitted by accredited scientific specialities in accordance with the Ordinance on the state requirements for admission and training of PhD students.

PhD students are trained on a full-time or on a part-time basis. NATFA may, on a written application by an individual who has prepared alone a dissertation paper, organize a discussion of such individual’s paper in the scientific unit according to prescribed requirements. Competitions for admission to PhD studies are carried out and control on the selection of PhD students is exercised in accordance with the requirements and procedures provided in the Law on scientific degrees and titles and it implementing regulations.

Annual tuition fees, 2014/2015 academic year

1. Bulgarian PhD students

- full-time training – BGN 1650

2. Foreign PhD students

- full-time training – EUR 8000
- part-time training – EUR 4000

* language course – EUR 3000

Fees are payable in BGN at BNB’s exchange rate

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