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This Website domain,  and, is owned by and is the responsibility of the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr.Sarafov”, Sofia (NATFA). The following policies apply to the websites: and

NATFA’s Commitment to Privacy

The privacy of visitors to our website is very important to NATFA. The Academy has adopted this Policy to inform visitors about the Academy’s data collection practices – both when a visitor voluntarily enters and transmits information to the Academy, and when data are collected automatically by systems used by the Academy.


Information Collected from Website Visitors

NATFA collects Personally Identifiable Information (hereafter referred to as PII), submitted by website visitors, at various points on Academy’s website/pages. PIIs are data, which contain information that can be associated with, or traced back to an individual visitor. PII includes data, such as visitor’s name and email address. NATFA only uses your personal information to provide you with the requested services, or to communicate with you about those services, or about the website.


Information that is not PII is often referred to as “aggregate information.” These data include a user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, website/page traffic and other statistics, as well as broad demographic data. Most aggregate information is collected automatically in temporary logs, created by the web serving software.


Use of Internet Cookies by NATFA

NATFA may place Internet “cookies” on a visitor’s computer. Cookies are small files, inserted automatically on the hard drive of a website’s visitor by the website that is visited. Cookies that are placed by the Academy generally do not contain PII. However, the Academy reserves the right to associate PII with cookies at any time. Most browser software allows users to make choices on how cookies are set by diverse websites. Browser software includes the ability to disable cookies. User preferences also allow the user to be notified when a website/page attempts to set a cookie. Setting a browser to disable cookies, however, may restrict a visitor’s ability to interact with some or all information available on the Academy’s website.


The Reasons for Collecting Information

Information collected by NATFA, “PII or aggregate data,” may be used by NATFA for:

  • educational and/or research purposes;
  • editorial and feedback purposes;
  • statistical analysis of a visitor’s online behavior for the website development;
  • content improvement;
  • analysis of the number of website/page “hits;” and website/page content and layout customization.

Names and e-mail addresses, provided by visitors via online forms may be added to the Academy’s database. This information may be used for correspondence, or other uses that are consistent with requested services and NATFA’s practices. NATFA May also use such information to provide users with information concerning NATFA’s events, activities and services. If you do not wish to be contacted by NATFA, you have an option to opt-out of receiving emails.

NATFA’s Commitment to Data Security

To restrict unauthorized access and to enhance data integrity and accuracy, MATFA implements physical, electronic, and administrative security policies and procedures intended to safeguard the information that NATFA collects and/or stores online. However, NATFA cannot assure or warrant absolute effectiveness of the security measures implemented by the Academy.


NATFA website uses access to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as links to some 3rd-party websites. NATFA does not control these sites nor do its policies and practices apply to third-party sites. Your use of these third-party services is entirely optional. The Academy is not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices of these third party services, and you are responsible for reading and understanding those third party services’ privacy policies.


NATFA Commitment to Children’s Privacy

NATFA neither collects nor attempts to collect PII from children known to be under the age of sixteen (16). However, NATFA’s website cannot always determine if a visitor is a child. In general, the subject matter provided on the Academy’s website is not directed toward children under the age of sixteen (16).


NATFA Right to Contact Website Visitors

NATFA reserves the right to contact the website visitors for legitimate purposes relevant to the Academy’s surveys and statistical purposes, and/or for other reasons approved by the Academy’s administration. Such contact, if any, will be minimal and will be consistent with the Academy’s practices and mission.


NATFA’s Right to Change This Privacy Policy

NATFA reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Visitors will not be notified personally of any changes made to this policy. The version of this policy in effect will be posted on the Academy’s main website, Website Privacy Policy. Changes to the Academy’s Website Privacy Policy are effective upon posting to this website address.

How to Contact NATFA Regarding this Policy:

Questions about this policy may be directed, in writing, to: