Objective and characteristics:

The school provides training in a set of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary for the creation of a cartoon.
The volume and content of the program develop, support and prove the abilities and qualities of each one of the course members.
The school is further aimed at mastering the basic creative and technological requirements and tools for the realization of animation cartoon projects.
The course members will complete their training by creating a cartoon miniature with anecdotic dramaturgy and screen time of 1 minute – no sound, black and white, Linetest format.
School head: Ass. Prof. Vladislav Budinov


1.Synopsis, scenario. Technology of the cartoon. Getting knowledge of the specifics and essence of the cartoon form. Creation and analysis of a cartoon miniature with a length of up to 1 minute.
2.Drawing – Cartoon character, scene of action. Drawing and painting practice, creation of a cartoon character and scene of action (setting). Getting knowledge of the structural and space building of the form.

3.Animated movement. The animated movement in a film organizes the time and realizes the idea in practice. The theoretical and practical exercises will reveal the flair, abilities and attempt to animate forms, figures and action.
Teacher – Ass. Prof. Gospodin Nedelchev
4.Basic principles of organization of the material shot. Editing and director’s concept of the final variant. Implementation in practice of the cartoon miniature. Teacher – Vladislav Budinov