Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.
Georgi Nikolov


Relevant experience
Over 25 years' experience in the field of feature and documentary films, advertising and art photography; experience as a producer and chairman of the Association of Cinematographers.

1973-78 MA in cinematography, National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia

Previous employment
1979-1991 Future Film Studio "Boyana"

Work Experience
Director of photography of 13 feature films, more than 40 documentary and advertising films as well as commercials.

Cinematographer of following shows for National TV:
2003 – TV show Bay Ganyo
1999- TV show The big games
1996-1997 -weekly TV Show Club NLO
1993-1994 -monthly programme Yours Ani (UK)
1995-1996 -monthly programme Children's rights
1984-Feature film Blood is ....

Director of photography of the following feature films:
2006- When Nietzsche Wept, 105min, HD
2005- Children of Wax, 110min, 35mm
2003- Journey to Jerusalem, 105min, 35mm
1999- After the end of the world, 104min, 35 mm
1994- Dreams of love, 90 min. 35 mm.
1992- Bay Ganyo,91 min. 35 mm.
1990- Ivan and Alexandra, 80 min.35mm.
1986- Elegy,1987 100 min. 35 mm.
1986- 19 m. of wind, 90 min.35 mm.
1984- Journey,85 min. 35 mm.
1983- Minority,80 min. 35 mm.
1980- Almost a love story,90min.35mm.

For Foreign clients
8 films for various programs like PHARE, SRAFAS, PLEDGE
Short and long documentaries for TV in France, Italy, Germany

TV commercials for:
FORD Germany; Papastratos Greece; KFC and Cindy's USA

Prizes awarded
2004 Great prize at Forth National Cameramen Art Festival -The Golden Eye for Journey to Jerusalem.
2003 Special award at Golden Rhiton festival for Theory of Error
2000 Special prize at Second National Cameramen Art Festival The Golden Eye for After The End of The World
1999 Best Cameramen for After the end of the world
1999 Best film After the end of the world
1995 Best Cameraman at the International Film Festival in Petersburg, Rusia
1993 Special prize at San Sebastian for Elegy
1992 Golden Plaket at the International Film Festival Chicago, USA
1990 Golden Rose at the Film Festival Varna for Ivan and Alexandra for best work of the director of photography
1989 Special prize of the Juri-Montecatini-Italy for Dreams of love
Ivan and Alexandra was in competition at Berlin Film Festival, and in selection for:Tokio,Los Angeles,Paris, Cairo, Cambridge Denver,Jerusalem,Rennes,Laon,Singapore Film Festivals

Wider professional activities
2001- present – Chairman of B.A.C. /Bulgarian Association of Cinematographers/
1995 -A foundation Member of B.A.C
1995-2001- Chairman of the Guild of the Bulgarian directors of photography

Main Technical Equipment Used
Film 16 and 35 mm
HD Cinealta
Video Betacam SP and Digital
TV studio equipment
Light equipment

Experience as an Art Photographer
Awards from national and international exhibitions and publications in photoalmanachs and photojournals.