Prof. Dr.Sc.
Nilokay Lazarov

N i c k o l a y   L a z a r o v


2006 – Prof. D. Sc. - Film & TV Cinematography (Special & Visual Effects).
2004 – Patent for invention № BG64327 В1– Compositing computer generated images on film.
2000 – D. Sc. - thesis - Art and Technique of Visual Effects.
1998 – Associate Professor, PhD - Special Visual Effects.
1993 – Attends Business Management Course/ Dipl. # 8644
1969 – 1974 - Studies at the Moscow State Film Academy - Director of Photography Diploma # 878890 and the feature film The Morning Shots Were Not the Last – dir. A. Pantzis. The film has awards at the film festivals in Tashkent, Athens and award of the British Film Institute
1969 – Graduates Technical High School
1969 – Silver and Bronze medal at the 5th State Festival of Amateur Film

Professional Career
After 1993 – A free-lance director of photography. Has shot 29 feature films and over 47 documentaries as well as a number of prestigious advertisements, such as Grand Hotel Varna, SOMAT, Peugeot 405GL, Mirinda Lemon Pepsi, Tourism in Cyprus for VOX TV - Cologne, Just Unique for C & K – Belgium, Zagorka Classic, Really! – ORT-Moscow, Cannon – Imaging Across Networks, etc.
1976 - 1993 – Holds a full time job as director of photography in Television Film Studio Ekran.
1976 – Makes his debute with Race – 35 mm, Dir. O. Sourdalov in Boyana Film Studio.
1974 - 1976 – Serves term in the Bulgarian army as DP shoots 1 feature film and 4 doc. – 35 mm

During the last few years he has shot the following films:
2013/2015 – Paradise Apple, HD, Digital composition (Live actor + animation)
2010/2013 - JOY & SORROW OF THE BODY, Dir. Andreas Pantzis - Greece, Cyprus, France
2010 - TRIP, DVCPRO50, green screen virtual set, dir R Neykova; Number of advertisements
2008 - Number of advertisements
2007 – Muppet Adventures, documentary, 2 x 57′ , DVCPRO50 Dir. K. Petrova
2006 –Three Sisters & Andrey, DVCPRO50, green screen virtual set, dir A.Paunov & B.Despodov
2004 / 2005 - Church for Wolfs, DVCPRO50, DP, 12 series TV film - BNT, Dir. N. Lambrev
2002 – Tenderness, 35 mm, feature film, /cameramen/, Dir. Ivanka Grabcheva – Bulgaria
2002 – Games, Digital Beta, featuring live actor and puppet, Dir. K. Petrova – USA
2001 - Fantasy Concerto, Digital Beta, featuring live actor and puppet, Dir. K. Petrova - USA
2001 - Creation, Beta SP, film impression, Dir. Anri Kulev, Germany, Bulgaria
2000 - To Tama, Super 16 mm feature film, Dir. Andreas Pantzis - Greece, Cyprus, France, Bulgaria
1999 – N.T.F., Beta SP, 7 x 57′ documentary episodes, Dir. Mario Krastev
1999 - Police Tales, Digital Beta puppet film, Dir. Katya Petrova, USA
1998 - 1999 - The Road to Ithaca, 35 mm feature film, Dir. Costas Demetriou - Cyprus, Greece, UK
1998 - Blood Sport 4, 35 mm feature film, Dir. Elvis Restano - USA / B camera /
1998 - Magicians, 35 mm feature film, Dir. Sotir Gelev & Ivan Getz - Bulgaria
1997 - Armstrong, 35 mm feature film, Dir. Menahem Golan - USA
1996 - Slaughter of the Cock, 35 mm feature film, Dir. A. Pantzis - Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany -
& 1997 - Slaughter of the Cock was the Greek entry for the Oscar awards for best foreign language film.

2012 – Best animation film- Trip- 8 prizes in 8 countries
2009 – Golden Rhyton for Three sisters & Andrey,
2009 - Jameson Awards BG for Best Short Film, for Three sisters & Andrey, Dir.Despodov&Paunov
2006 – Annual Awards BG for Best Animation Film for Tik Tak, Dir. B. Despodov
2002 – First Prize – To Tama - Cairo International Film Festival
2002 – First Prize for Animation - Fantasy Concerto Festival of Independent Films in Thessaloniki
2001 - 42th Int. Thessaloniki Film Fest - FIPRESCI Award and Prize for Best Greek Film - To Tama
1997 - Slaughter of the Cock – First Prize for “Artistic Expression” at the Mediterranean FF, Rome
1997 - Best picture Slaughter of the Cock, Barcelona Film Festival
1996 - 37th Int. Thessaloniki Film Fest - FIPRESCI Award and Best Greek Film - Slaughter of the Cock
1996 - Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival "Love is Folly" in Varna for the film Slaughter of the Cock; Special Prize of the Journalism Faculty "For Contribution to the Development of Film Language"
1989 - Silver Dragon at the Krakow Film Festival for the film Life is Ahead, Dir.J.Kancheva
1989 - The Prize of Tokyo for his film Without Anaesthesia, Dir. J. Kancheva
1989 - Prix Europa in Strassbourg for the film Without Anaesthesia, Dir. J. Kanche
1988 - Silver Chest at the Plovdiv Festival for the film The Giraffe, Dir. N. Georgiev
1986 - Silver Prize at the Santarem Film Festival, Portugal for the film Precisely, Dir. M.Getzov
1984 –Special Award at the Krakow 84 Film Fetst for the film Memory of a Man, Dir. N. Lazarov

VFX Activity
2009 – 2011 – Head of a state project for restoration of the old classical Bulgarian Films.
2005 – Director of a state project for restoration and conservation of the Bulgarian National Film Archive
2003 – Implementation of new technologies such as digital mastering, restoration, DVD authoring.
2000 – Studio ASK-3 at Orpheus Audiovisual Inc. begins to be build and equipped.
1996 - 2002 – Managing Director of Orpheus Audiovisual Inc.
1995 - Constructs and manages Studios ASK-1 at Orpheus Audiovisual Ltd where he works as Technical Director and supervisor of Dept. of VFX.
1986 - Constructs and takes part in the production of an VFX optical printer with two projectors and three bi-pack channels on which he produces a number of effects.
1985 - Modifies 16 mm camera ARRIFLEX 16 ST into S 16 mm, tests and introduces the Super 16 formate and shoots the first 10 Super 16 mm films in Bulgaria.
1984 – 1993 - Founds a Screen Magic studio for SFX. For the first time in Bulgaria introduces new technologies such as Blue Screen, Matte Paintings, Front Projection, Rotoscope, Bi-pack and optical printing, etc., produced for Bulgarian and foreign films, like The Giraffe, The Father of the Egg, Dan Kolov, Death Stalker, Specks, The Forbidden Fruit, The Black Swallow, Traka-Trak, etc.
1984 - 1993 - Creative Director of the Department for Special Effects of TV Film Studio Ekran.
1980 – Head of Technical & Art Innovations Research Group in Studio Ekran.

Academic Activity
Lecturer at the National Academy of Theater and Film Art, Sofia State University, National Art Academy, University at Blagoevgrad and New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Has published a number of articles on the problems of cinema and special effects, such as:
The Super 16 Format, Animation as FX, Video Recording or Film Recording, SFX in Studio Screen Magic , The Screen of the 21 Century - Art and Technology, Art and Technique of Visual Effects, Realistically About Virtual Reality, The Future of Film is not Digital, Gold 24fps, 100 Days Behind the Camera, etc.

Member of the EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY , Berlin -,membership no.12801.
Member of the Union of European Federation of Cinematographers – IMAGO.
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.
Member of the Association of Bulgarian Directors of Photography.
Member of the Association Academica.
Chairman of National Technical Commission for Film&Video (2006- 2010) & /2015 - .... /