Prof. Ph.D.
Petya Tsvetkova

1975 – 1979: National Sports Academy, including a two-year course in “Jazz Dance and Choreography” – Sofia, Bulgaria
Subject : Coach in “Rhythmic Gymnastics”

Professional History:
1983 - present Lecturer in “Dance Techniques” (jazz dance, classical ballet and contemporary dance) – NATFA “Krustyo
Sarafov”- Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 - present Lecturer in “Dance Techniques” (jazz dance and contemporary dance) – Academy for Music and Dance – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2000 – present Lecturer in “Contemporary Dance” – Ballet Academy, International Contest in “Ballet” – Varna, Bulgaria
1995 - 1996 Coach and Choreographer in “Rhythmic Gymnastics” of the Virginia’s state team – Richmand, Virginia, the USA
12. 1993 Lecturer in “Jazz Dance” – Arttal Dance Academy – Malmö, Sweden


1983 “Jazz Dance Course” led by Ien Stalk (Royal Ballet School) – Antwerpen, Belgium
1984 “Jazz Dance Course” led by Bengamine Felixdale – Holland
1985 “Modern Dance Course” led by Mikloch Kölö - Hungary

Administrative Occupations:
2002 – present Head of ”Stage Movement” Department at NATFA ”Krastyo Sarafov – Sofia, Bulgaria
Artistic Realization:

More than 20 choreographies in theatre performances on professional stage;
Participation in more than 10 International Theatre Festivals;
Working out a four-year educational programme in “Dance Theatre” at NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov”.
Additional Skills:

1. English - Spoken level
2. Russian - Very good
5. Driving Licence - Valid and clean