Prof. Dr.Sc.
Prof. Bozhidar Manov
1970 - Graduate of the Higher Engineering Institute of Electronics, Sofia.

1970 - starts working as an electronics engineer;

1974 - starts a regular practice as a film critic and reporter for the press, radio, television; author of hundreds of publications in Bulgarian and foreign press;

1978 - Graduate of National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Cinema Studies Department;

1978 - 1990 employed at Film Production Studio “Vreme” as script editor/producer and Studio manager;

Scriptwriter of 12 documentaries and script editor/producer of 124 popular science films;

1980 - Member of the Union of Journalists in Bulgaria;

1980 - starts work as a lecturer at National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Cinema Studies Department, writing and devising courses in Film Criticism, Theory of Image, Producing and Copyright in Audiovision;

1994 - starts lecturing in Audiovisual Script writing and Theory of the Image at New Bulgarian University;

1995 - Ph.D.

1997 - Associate professor in Film Criticism;

1994 - President of the “Assocation of Bulgarian Filmcritics” at the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and representative for FIPRESCI;

2000 - Head of Cinema Studies Department at National Academy for Theatre and Film Art;

Many times member of international juries at film festivals in: Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Berlin, Pusan, Sochi, Karlovy Vary, San Sebastian, Palm Springs, Valladolid, Wiesbaden, Toulouse, etc.;

2001 - Vice-President of FIPRESCI;

Multiple participation in international conferences, scientific symposia and congresses;

Author of the books: “Theory of the Cinema Image” (1996);“Digital Audiovision” (2000); "The Digital Element" (2003).

Foreign languages: English, French, Russian, Serbian.