1. Develops the structure of the educational activity by field of education, speciality, degree and form of education;
  2. Develops a model for staffing of the educational structure of NAFA, by department and chair;
  3. Develops the job descriptions of the scientific and teaching staff of NATFA and the financial parameters for assessment of their work;
  4. Develops a system of internal assessment and maintenance of the quality of education in NATFA;
  5. Develops the documents for the new accreditation of NATFA, by line of education, speciality, degree and form of education, in accordance with the requirements for eurointegration characteristics developed by the Ministry of Education and Science and the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency;
  6. Develops independent and/or joint projects for the participation of NATFA in national and international educational programs.
  7. Develops the financial parameters for the tuition fees for the education of Bulgarian and/or foreign nationals in NATFA.