Prof. Delyana Micheva Stage Speech

08.04.1954 – born in Sevlievo, Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Micheva graduated a School of Music in Sofia.
Later on she graduated the Music Academy (subject “Piano and composition”)
She has been at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, for 25 years
She is the author of:
• Concerto for piano and orchestra №1;
• 12 ballades for soprano and piano;
• 5 songs on Japanese tercets for soprano, piano, marimba;
• A collection of songs for children;
• 9 impressions for piano;
• A children’s collection “A singing small-box” for piano;
• 20 songs for soprano and piano;
• Toccata Rondo, Perpetuum mobile, Rhapsody “The creation of the world”;
• Musical drama “A bloody song” – for choir and artists;
• Over 100 workings of Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, French folk-songs;
• “The music of Europe” – a cycle of 13 songs.

She is the author of the music to the plays:
• “Cry”, “Between the sky and the earth”, “Embers”, “Bulgarian folk-tales and –songs”, “A dragon’s wedding”, “Embroidery many-coloured”, “Medeya”, “The iron candlestick”, “Sleeplessness”, “Vampirovo village”.

She is the author of the theoretical work “The Bulgarian folk mythology in new musical-theatrical forms”.

 She is the author of the study “About the new musical form of the Bulgarian folk-song”.

In 1993 Assoc. Prof. Dilyana Micheva set up a musical formation “Aquadelia” which she has been running up to the present.

She has given independent piano concerts, concerts with symphony orchestras, chamber and choir concerts. Furthermore, Assoc. Prof. Dilyana Micheva has delivered lectures, workshops and has participated in musical and theatrical festivals, audio-visual recordings in Bulgaria, France, Japan, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, India.