14th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2019”


14th International Student Film Camp “Interaction 2019”


Free three-week programme for film school students that includes taking part in documentary film production within multinational film crews. “Interaction 2019” will take place in Western Serbia from 12th to 29th August, 2019. Apart from film production, there are also accompanying activities such as the screenings of documentaries, Q&A and workshops.

Application deadline: 20th April, 2019


More about “Interaction 2019”: www.film-art.org/interaction


9th International Documentary Masterclass “Interdoc 2019”

It is a unique opportunity for everyone wanting to develop their skills in documentary – screenwriting and directing in creative documentary. This 10-day intensive workshop will take place in Požega (Serbia) from 19th to 29th August, 2019. Lecturers of this year’s masterclass will be eminent directors of documentary film Vladimir Perović (Serbia), Nebojša Slijepčević (Croatia) and Mladen Matičević (Serbia).

Application deadline: 10th June, 2019

More about “Interdoc 2019”: www.film-art.org/interdoc

Video about Interaction and Interdoc: https://youtu.be/OtGfCNoS8Hk

We would be grateful if you could help us disseminate this call for submissions to whom might be interested.