“CINEMAMBULANTE” – Kino Guarimba – Cinema Residency in Southern Italy – 10-21 June 2019, Amantea, Italy



Kino Guarimba is part of Cinemambulante, a cultural integration festival in Calabria (southern Italy) organised by La Guarimba. The fourth edition will be taking place in Amantea (Cs) from June 10th to the 21st 2019.

Amantea is located in the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, a beautiful and not so well-known region in southern Italy. The 12000 inhabitants townhouses 300 refugees that are involved in this project.

In order to create a variety of positive impacts on the region, we have divided Cinemambulante into three parts: an itinerant film screening programme, a street art project and Kino Guarimba. The participants will experience social lunches, Calabrian/African folk concerts and a unique insight into our traditions.




APPLY HERE: http://cinemambulante.com/en/kino/ (until the 30th April)