Международен проект “CARE” ( Cultural Action for Refugees in Europe) – Конкурс за късометражни филми



“Асоциацията за бежанци и мигранти” и община “Долна Малина”, партньори по проекта  “CARE”  имат удоволствието да поканят настоящи студенти на НАТФИЗ, или негови вече изявени възпитаници, да участват в международния конкурс за късометражни филми на тема изгнаничество  и миграции в Европа.

Поканата се отправя от името на международния проект  “CARE” ( Cultural Action for Refugees in Europe).

В конкурса ще участват начинаещи и по-изявени автори на късометражни филми от Португалия, Испания, Италия, Франция, България и Чехия. Представянето на номинираните късометражни филми с участие на авторите ще бъде през Октомври 2019 година в Бордо, Франция.

Филмите, представени за участие трябва да са продуцирани след месец юни 2017 година и да не са по-дълги от 30 минути. Срокът за изпращане е 30 август 2019 г.

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The Project CARE – Cultural Action for Refugees in Europe aims to combat messages of intolerance towards immigrants through intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. This aim is pursued by supporting those civil societies that work for the cultural formation of the young people of today and European decision makers for tomorrow. Learning to recognize and reject political messages that incite racial hatred, segregation and marginalization, is as important as the need to learn and support the reasons for solidarity among peoples, motivating the spirit of acceptance with arguments and valid theses and enhancing diversity. The “CARE” project strengthens European citizenship through the participation of small communities where in contrast to large cities, the pressure on reception facilities for non-EU immigrants is practically absent in addition to being in many cases a significant availability of unused housing. On the other hand, the social cohesion of small communities allows immigrants to overcome the first phase of social integration as Europeans are gradually entering into the perspective of solidarity as an instrument for European cultural growth.

The Project CARE – Cultural Action for Refugees in Europe intends to build a European network of small communities with the aim of fostering dialogue and cultural exchange through knowledge of and about the communities of non-EU citizens already present and integrated into European society. The communities of the six participating partner countries will have the opportunity to strengthen the culture of solidarity whose crisis is generating life space for the Eurosceptic and nationalist movements of various European countries. In this sense, the “CARE” project will represent a unique platform for small communities wishing to deal with the issue of welcoming refugees with the European Institutions and with the organizations that support their reception in Europe. On the one hand, citizens will have the “Tool-box”, the information necessary to fully understand the process of reception of refugees defined by the European Union. Moreover, local, national and EU institutions will have the opportunity to discuss directly with the communities potentially affected by the opportunity to direct refugee routes to small municipalities, instead of large European cities whose reception facilities are unable to accommodate immigrant flows evidently above their means.