Гост-лекция на театроведа проф. д-р Иван Меденица – 27 и 28 април, 15.00-19.15 ч., Аудитория В403


На 26 и 27 април, от 15.00 до 19.15 ч. в аудитория В403, известният театровед проф. д-р Иван Меденица ще изнесе лекция в две части – The new world theatre tendencies seen through the lenses of the Belgrade International Theatre Festival.


In the first part of the lecture, Prof. Medenica will introduce BITEF (Belgrade international Theatre Festival), the oldest and most renowned performing arts festival in Eastern Europe. The focus will be on Bitef’s contribution to the recognition of the “new theater tendencies” in the international performing arts in the 60s and 70s and promotion of the intercultural dialogue and exchange in the Iron Curtain times. He will map these “new tendencies”, their creators and examples, through the Bitef’s history in the first two decades of its existence (with the extracts from a few famous performances).

In the second part of the lecture, Prof. Medenica will focus on the recent history of BITEF. Through the prism of the last seven editions of the festival, 2016-2022, (when he was its artistic director), he will exam three major questions. How one can make an appropriate festival concept in linking its history to the actual state of international theatre? How should we treat the modernistic notion of “novelty” in theatre in the post-postmodern times? How should we conceive the intercultural dialogue in theater in the world which is, on one hand, strongly globalized and, on the other hand, deeply divided by new conflicts and differences. All these questions will be analyzed on the example of important international performances, from which the students will also see a few short extracts.