NATFA Library Celebrates 75 Anniversary: Virtual Wishbook

Established in 1946, NATFA Library started assisting students at the Theater School at the National Theater with an initial fund of 365 books. Today NATFA Academic Library and Archive has 54,000 traditional books and magazines for theater, cinema, photography, fine arts, scenography, costumes, management in arts and culture, materials from the artistic and creative archives, teaching and research archives.

The created electronic library consists of over 15,000 full-text library units. It preserves rare and valuable editions, gramophone records, CDs, numerous theatre plays, as well as unpublished dramatic texts. It offers a rich film collection of feature and documentary films and an impressive digitized collection of library materials for teaching and research purposes.

NATFA Library is nominated for the Award of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association “Library of the Year 2017”. It is also awarded the Prize of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association “Library of the Year 2019”.

Over the years, the librarians: Bogdana Chilingirova, Stoyka Dencheva, Alla Dokova, Romyana Dyachka, Emilia Baldjiiska, Svetla Aleksieva, Stoyana Radeva, Vasil Mavrodiev, Rumyana Milanova and Krassimira Inkova have contributed to the development of NATFA library.

The current librarian team – Nadezhda Dyakova, Borislava Manoilova, Desislava Orlova AND Irena Karcelina, invite all library visitors over the years to share their impressions and leave their wishes in the Virtual Book of Memories, Impressions and Wishes – 75 years library.