NATFA organises the educational process for doctoral students according to the standards and requirements under the recognised scientific fields: “Theater Studies and Theater Arts” (code 05.08.01) and “Film Studies, Cinema and Television” (code 05.08.03).

The admission of Doctoral students at NATFA complies with the Law on Development of the Academic Staff in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Education of doctoral students at NATFA is possible either as full-time studies, or as an independent study upon a preliminary preparation by the candidate. The second option is possible upon a written request by the PhD candidate and a submitted research text of at least 50 standard pages.

After a positive evaluation, NATFA academic boards decide to enroll (or not) the candidate as a PhD student (for the independent form of studies).

Annual tuition fee for full-time PhD studies for foreign students is 8,000 Euro.

We do not offer English language classes, as well as individual or distance learning format of PhD education.

You could enroll in the Bulgarian Language Preparatory Course (fee 3000 Euro). In case you complete it successfully, you could continue your PhD study in Bulgarian language.