Study Schedule  2020-2021


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unpredictable Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Academic Calendar dates constantly change. Please, follow up the Bulgarian version of the website for ongoing updates.


For all students from: Bachelor and Master Programmes, Faculty of Stage Arts:


 In the normal /non-pandemic/ times the SPRING SEMESTER  is between  4th of  February and  23th of May.

Students’ Books are signed by the professors:  before 15th  of May

Students’ Books are signed by the ERASMUS+ office: before 21st of May

Exam session has to be between 25th of May and 25th of June

  • Theoretical disciplines:  11th June – 26th  June
  • Practical disciplines: 25th of May– 10th of July

Additional exam session (for students failing the regular one):  27th of June – 30th of June

Enrollment for the next Academic Year:  Deadline: 30th of September


All Bachelor Programmes, 4th year studies: Faculty of Screen Arts:

Classes: 15th of September – 23th of December ; 11th of January -11th of April

Exams: 4th of January -07th of January; 12th of April 16th of April


Winter Semester

Classes: 15th  September 2020 – 23th of December

Christmas Break:  24 December– 3 January

Students’ Books are signed by the professors:  7 December– 15 December

Students’ Books are signed by the ERASMUS + office:  16 December – 22 December

Exam session:  4 January – 30 January

  • Practical disciplines:  4 January  – 16 January
  • Theoretical disciplines: 17 January – 30 January

Additional exam session (for students failing the regular one): 31 January – 3 February

Enrollment for Summer Semester: Deadline: 20 February     


Important Dates:

Official opening of the Academic Year: 15 September

Official graduation ceremony: 23 May


Holidays and Non-attendance Days:

22 September – Independence Day

01 November – Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders

08 December – Students’ Holiday

24 December – 02 January – Christmas and New Year Holidays

03 March – Liberation Day

16 – 21 April – Easter Holidays

01 May – International Labour Day

06 May – St. George’s Day

24 May – Day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Cyrillic Alphabet