Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important modern trend in the organisational strategies. CSR is a voluntary chosen long-term commitment to the sustainable development, expressing the responsibility of an organisation to its customers, to the society and to the overall external context – economic, social, and environmental.

The European Commission’s Green Paper defines CSR as:

“A concept that serves companies as a basis to voluntarily integrate social and environmental aspects into:

– their business strategies

– in their relations with all stakeholders. ”

By declaring its social responsibility and undertaking voluntarily obligations that exceed the legal requirements, NATFA strives to meet the contemporary standards for social development, environmental protection and respect for fundamental human rights included in the digital environment.

NATFA is committed to developing its activities in an honest and responsible way. We operate in accordance to our main mission and goals, while at the same time assisting the improvement of the quality of life of our academic community, students, staff and their families, the local communities and the society as a whole.

The positive image of NATFA outside Bulgaria, the strong recognition among the international professional community, as well as our proven international reputation are also important elements of NATFA’s CSR.