NATFA – One of its Kind!

NATFA is the most popular, oldest and most prestigious educational institution for theatre and film arts studies in Bulgaria, situated in the heart of the capital city Sofia, with over 70 years of history. We educate annually over 650 students who have the privilege to be taught by some of the most experienced professionals – over 85 full-time professors, adjunct professors and assistant professors, well recognized by their artistic achievements in the country and abroad.

Our programmes are accredited by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and are designed to meet the individual needs of the students and to enable them to successfully find diverse professional opportunties in both the audiovisual genres and the performing arts.

The main building of the Academy is in the centrally located at the densely populated part of the capital. This location offers easy access to key cultural events. Short commutes and low cost transportation are appreciated by foreign students. This part of the city offers walkability, bicycling infrastructure, parks and green areas, comfortable for sports, relaxation and social gatherings. Our Academy is situated on the so called “Bulgarian Broadway” – near Rakovski Street. There are several major theatres, a big concert hall, the National Opera and the National Theatre in the neighbourhood. The National Palace of Culture is a ten-minute walking distance from NATFA. Many galleries, including the National Gallery, are also situated in the neighbourhood.

Throughout the years, our Academy has accepted many foreign students, including those who have been on ERASMUS+ exchange programmes. We have admitted students from Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, France, USA, Australia, Japan, China and other countries – in our programmes, courses and traineeship options.

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  • You could study in our Academy for one semester, or for an academic year (two semesters). ERASMUS+ programme offers financial support – please, check with your university/academy for details about scholarships and study grants.
  • The minimum traineeship period is 2 months and the maximum is 12 months.
  • Successful completion of courses at our Academy will be recognized by your university, based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Courses, available at NATFA and the credits are available below.


Study Schedule  2024-2025


For all students from: Bachelor and Master Programmes, Faculty of Stage Arts:

In the normal /non-pandemic/ times the SPRING SEMESTER  is between  4th of  February and  23th of May.

Students’ Books are signed by the professors:  before 15th  of May

Students’ Books are signed by the ERASMUS+ office: before 21st of May

Exam session has to be between 25th of May and 25th of June

  • Theoretical disciplines:  11th June – 26th  June
  • Practical disciplines: 25th of May– 10th of July

Additional exam session (for students failing the regular one):  27th of June – 30th of June

Enrollment for the next Academic Year:  Deadline: 30th of September


All Bachelor Programmes, 4th year studies: Faculty of Screen Arts:

Classes: 15th of September – 23th of December ; 11th of January -11th of April

Exams: 4th of January -07th of January; 12th of April 16th of April


Winter Semester

Classes: 15th  September 2022 – 23th of December

Christmas Break:  24 December– 3 January

Students’ Books are signed by the professors:  7 December– 15 December

Students’ Books are signed by the ERASMUS + office:  16 December – 22 December

Exam session:  4 January – 30 January

  • Practical disciplines:  4 January  – 16 January
  • Theoretical disciplines: 17 January – 30 January

Additional exam session (for students failing the regular one): 31 January – 3 February

Enrollment for Summer Semester: Deadline: 20 February     


Important Dates:

Official opening of the Academic Year: 15 September

Official graduation ceremony: 23 May


Holidays and Non-attendance Days:

22 September – Independence Day

01 November – Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders

08 December – Students’ Holiday

24 December – 02 January – Christmas and New Year Holidays

03 March – Liberation Day

16 – 21 April – Easter Holidays

01 May – International Labour Day

06 May – St. George’s Day

24 May – Day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Cyrillic Alphabet



Faculty of Stage Arts

Drama Theatre Acting

Puppet Theatre Acting

Physical Theatre – Pantomime

Drama Theatre Directing

Stage and Screen Design


Faculty of Screen Arts

Film and TV Directing

Film and TV Cinematography

Film and TV Editing

Playwriting and Screenwriting





ERASMUS+ programme can assist you to teach at NATFA.

  • ERASMUS+ offers financial support to teach at our Academy (please check for details with your university).
  • The teaching period that is supported, is usually one week (minimum 8 teaching hours weekly) but can be extended up to a maximum of 6 weeks.
  • Please contact our ERASMUS+ Coordinators to discuss all the academic details: email:


If you are interested in visiting our academy, please contact us: see below ERASMUS+Contacts.




Nomination by your university/academy

  1. Your university has to make you an ERASMUS+ nominee student and send us a letter about it.
  2. Application procedure/documents:

2.1. ERASMUS+ Application

2.2. Learning Agreement for Studies

2.3. Transcript of Academic Records.

2.4.Curriculum Vitae

2.5.Portfolio or audio/video recording (up to 15 min. of performance).

Please, fill, sign, scan and send all application documents by e-mail to:


NATFA Nomination

Once we have received your Applications documents, we have one month to review and decide on your application and send you the Acceptance Letter.

Deadlines (application & NATFA nomination):

  • Winter Semester: from September 15th to mid-February next year.
    • Application: May 15th & Results: June 15th.
  • Summer Semester (mid February – end June).
    • Application: November 15th & Results December 15th


Accommodation: All ERASMUS+ students can be accommodated at reasonable prices at NATFA Dormitory, situated in the Students City in Sofia. It is a bohemian-type part of Sofia with a rich infrastructure including sport facilities, a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment centers, a specialized polyclinic, shopping areas, children playgrounds and nursery-schools, low-price students’ diners and a convenient transportation network.


Students city



  • Incoming & Outgoing mobilities: Dr. Krasimira Ivanova (tel. +359 9231 231), Dr. Yana Dzharova – Karakoleva (+359 9231 233)
  • Institutional Coordinator: Iliana Dimitrova (tel. +359 9231 211), e-mail:



National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Kr. Sarafov”

International Relations Office

108A “Rakovsky”Str.

Sofia 1000



Hope you will spend a fruitful and unforgettable time at our Academy!

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