The National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” (NATFA) is among the leading educational institutions in the country and is ranked at the first place in the field of theater and film education, in according to the rating by the Ministry of Education and Science.

In the last 4 years NATFA has won the first prize in the professional field “Theatre and Film Arts” in awards “The best universities in Bulgaria,” where 51 universities are compared based on 52 fields and 44 criteria.

NATFA is in active partnership with leading state institutions, social structures, governmental, non-governmental and business organizations, foundations, business representatives, embassies and cultural centers, national and regional media, scientists, researchers, artists, journalists and intellectuals.

NATFA is a responsible academy – towards social and educational issues and trends. Over the years, it has implemented dozens of infrastructural projects for improvement of the material and technical resources, as well as social, cultural and charitable projects, targeting student and academic communities, as well as contributing to the overall well-being of the citizens and improving the urban environment.


Below are the completed significant projects of NATFA in the last few years: