TIP Project – Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET


ТIP Project – Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET


NATFA is partner of a two-year European project, in the field of the education and social integration, financed by the ERASMUS + programme:

“Exchange of innovative practices in the schools for Second chance, aimed at the youths dropped out of the educational system and other forms of education”.

The strategic partnership, the teaching and sharing of experience between organizations and professionals from the social, cultural and educational structures in five European countries – Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Hungary, has as objective the creation and popularization of a programme for training teachers with available online resources and a documentary film, giving light to the problem of early school leaving.

In connection with its participation in the project, NATFA realizes and participates in the following activities:


  • First meeting of the partners in the project, November 23-24, 2017, in Porto, Portugal. Participants from NATFA – assoc. prof. Konstantin Karakostov and Krassimir Stoichkov, PhD student.

TIP Project 23-24/11/2017 Porto, Portugal – photos

During the partners’ meeting every one of the participants from Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Hungary, presented its organization – objectives, sphere of activities, target groups and project plans.

  • December, 2017 – Forum in the classroom, five-days workshops on Forum theatre in NATFA and final theatre performances with the participation of students from the Academy, students from 10th and 11th grade and teachers from 127th school – 50 participants. Students from the Master programmes “Public Speech” and “Puppet Theatre Acting” presented interactive techniques on topical themes for the students and held Forum theatre etudes and discussions with the students.
  • Host of the partnership meeting, International education and MPE held between the period February 3-8, 2018. The meeting began with a short video from the PhD student, Krassimir Stoichkov, highlighting the first meeting on the project in Porto.

During the International education, representatives of the European organizations exchanged experience, information and materials on the subject of the project. Workshops on Forum theatre were realized, Image theatre, improvisational puppets and other innovative art techniques, some workshops were also open to outside visitors, teachers and students. Film materials for IO3 were gathered. Work on IO1 Teacher training program. A work meeting was held between NATFA’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev and the Dean of the Theatre department of the Polytechnic University in Porto, where interest was expressed from both sides on partnership on ERASMUS + for exchange of academic staff and students. The partners visited student theatre performances and demonstrations in NATFA’s puppet theatre.

MPE was held on February 8, where among the participants, beside the partners, were representatives from the Ministry of education, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Justice, schools and informal organizations. Among the attendants were teachers from the cities – Bloagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitza, academic staff from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, students from different universities, representatives from the media, around 80 people interested in the project’s theme.

Opening by NATFA’s Rector and the coordinator of the project AE2O; the partners were presented, as the project’s objectives and future activities. The following theme was touched upon: Why we are (aren’t) going to school? What if the teachers were artists? As the possibilities for partnership between NATFA and the schools.

The practical workshops on Image theatre provoked the participants with the question: “What do I see when I look?” and challenge the audiences as it put them at the stage to participate in the exercises and the stage tasks.

Theatre “Tzvete” presented Forum theatre with masks. The performance was also visited by 3rd grade, 8th grade and 10th grade students from 139th secondary school, Sofia. For the guests, it was organized a demonstration of that interactive theatre technique.

With a conference on “The role of creative and interactive approaches in the process of social and educational integration of young people. Prevention of early school leaving.”, the week long meeting in Sofia finished successfully. Presentations were held by teachers, artists, academic staff, students. An expert from the Ministry of education spoke about the situation with early leavers from school, children and youths in Bulgaria and about the precautions and activities undertaken by the state on this problem. Theatre “Tzvete” shared its experience with usage of Forum theatre when working with disadvantaged children and youths.

Teachers, in whose schools is applied this theatre technique, spoke about its impact and the necessity of institutionalized partnerships to increase the motivation of students in school; Neli Ilieva, school teacher of Bulgarian language and literature in 127th  secondary school “Ivan Nikolaevitch Denkoglu” – shared a paper about the practice – “Forum theatre in the classroom”.

TIP Project, Sofia, NATFA, 03-08/02/2018 – photos

  • April – June 2018; work on the documentary film’s conception. Strategy and plan for the collection of film material. Preparation of the screenplay. Forum theatre training for students, academic staff and teachers. Work on IO1 Teacher training Program. Presenting Forum theatre in school. About 40 participants.
  • June 2018; the cinematographer, Krassimir Stoichkov, was invited again in Porto to conduct interviews during the conference: “The International Conference in the Municipality of Matosinhos” during “Youth Event”, June 2018.
  • Third international meeting on the project –July 14-17, in Bristol, UK. Participants from NATFA were assoc. prof. Konstantin Karakosov and Krassimir Stoichkov, PhD student. The meeting began with a presentation of a short video about the work in Sofia. The realized local activities on the project were presented. Collecting of film material for IO3.

TIP Project, Bristol, UK, 14-17/04/2018 – photos


  • October 14-20, 2018, in Ponte di Legno, Italy, was held the fourth meeting and sharing of good practices on the project with participants from NATFA – prof. Bonyo Lungov, assoc. prof. Konstantin Karakostov and Krassimir Stoichkov, PhD student, Marian Rangelov, assistant.

A training in techniques of the Sense theatre was held in a series of workshops, indoors and outdoors. Demonstration, lecture and interactive exercises with improvised puppets, realized by the representatives of NATFA. They visited three schools and education centers of the type Second chance, where they discussed the possible applications of art/methods in the educational environment.

In MRE, where a series of good practices were presented by the Italian schools, participated Krassimir Stoichkov and Konstantin Karakostov, and also they help with the realization of a demonstration on Sense theatre. The project’s website was discussed.

TIP Project, Ponte di Legno, Italy, 14-20/10/2018 – photos

  • The fifth partnership meeting was held April 13-16, 2019, in Budapest, Hungary. Representatives from NATFA were assoc. prof. Konstantin Karakostov and Krassimir Stoichkov, PhD student. A short film about the education in Italy was presented. Balance on the project’s activities. Work on IO2 and IO3. Creating content for the web page.

TIP Project, Budapest, Hungary, 13-16/04/2019 – photos

  • Training on Sense theatre, Image Forum theatre for teachers in secondary schools was held by Poliksena Hardalova on April 18-20, 2019, in NATFA.

TIP Project – training for teachers in Sofia – photos

  • June/July 2019, monitoring by Poliksena Hardalova on the work on IO3. Finalizing the screenplay, selection and editing of the film.
  • July 2019, signing of the contract for partnership between NATFA and ESMAE, visiting representatives from NATFA in ESMAE, Polytechnic University in Porto, and meeting with the director of the Theatre department.
  • Final meeting organized by the beneficent on the project in Porto, Portugal – June 12-15, 2019. Participants – prof. Bonyo Lungov, assoc. prof. Konstantin Karakostov, Krassimir Stoichkov, PhD student, and two young assistants from the department of puppet theatre, Marian Rangelov and Liubomir Gantchev. Besides the regular partnership meetings, which finalized the activities on the project, reporting the results from them, the representatives from NATFA were invited to held a workshop and a puppet theatre performance for the students and audience of the Polytechnic university in Porto, ESMAE, who filled the theatre hall and send their colleagues with standing ovation and invitation for a next visit.

During the MPE, June 15, 2019, the documentary film “Second chance”, which was created by the PhD student Krassimir Stoichkov, filmed during the partnership meetings in the two years of the project, was screened for the first time for audience and moved the viewers by capturing and displaying the issues, and a clear message.

The film was presented at a couple of international forums, including the International student film festival “Early bird”, Sofia.

TIP Project, Porto, Portugal 12-15/07/2019 – photos


Dissemination and Use of Project Results – link to the report

Especially for the project is created the website – www.tip-eu.com, where besides the results of the project, are published the good practices shared by the project’s partners, and a Facebook page, YouTube channel (created by Krassimir Stoichkov).


Transnational Project Meeting Porto: https://youtu.be/o3qoMZUDBI4

Joint Staff Training Event – Sofia: https://youtu.be/ng4T8En0c5I

Joint Staff Training Event – Italy: https://youtu.be/9d-c4uQ_URw

Transnational Project Meeting Bristol: https://youtu.be/nc5TW2m8Xr8

Documentary film “Second chance”: https://youtu.be/3Ra7LChxs-0


The good results of the project pushed the partners to combine their efforts and experience and to create a continuation of the project, preparing to apply for the ERASMUS+ programme KD “Strategic partnerships”.

More information about the TIP Project – Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET, is published on the project’s website: