Nomination for the Library of the Year for 2017

Award “Library of the Year” for 2019








  • The NATFA library hosts over 54,000 books and magazines for theater, cinema, photography, fine arts, set and costume design, music, arts and cultural management, specialized materials from the teaching and research archives. The library boast a rich collection of published as well as unpublished drama texts.
  • The fund of rare and valuable editions includes dramaturgical texts, published before 1944, books with autographs and dedications by celebrities from the world of theater, cinema, literature, as well as books from personal libraries.
  • The film collection has over 3,000 titles of classic movies (with BG subtitles) as well as a huge number of original professional and student films.
  • The online catalogue of digitized materials for teaching and research purposes can be used by any student, teacher, or employee who has registered for the 24/7 access. The copyright restrictions do not allow the use of the electronic library for purposes other than those mentioned above.