NATFA Puppet Theatre is located on 20 Stefan Karadzha Str., Sofia. It exists since 1966 and has 90 seats. Up to 4 new graduation productions premier annually, with 20-25 performances for each title.

In 2020, the premises of the NATFA Puppet Theatre have been completely renovated, under project BG16RFOP001-3.003-0008-C01

NATFA Puppet Theatre supports the students’ professional training by creating conditions similar (and even better) to the ones of the actual working environment after graduation.

It operates as a repertoire theater, where general audience may attend the performances of the students in the programmes “Puppet Theatre Acting” and “Puppet Theatre Directing”. Specialized ateliers for puppet creation as well as the respective sets and props are also available to the students.

The NATFA Puppet Theatre is managed and maintained by highly qualified experts and can be rented to external organizations under certain conditions.



tel. 02 9231 324, e-mail:

Valentina Germanova, Manager of NATFA Puppet Theatre