The educational audio-visual complex (EAVK) provides the necessary professional conditions for practical training of students in the Screen Arts Faculty. EAVK is located in the building at “Stefan Karadja” Street 20, Sofia, and is managed by qualified experts. It has a sound stage (with an area of 200 sq. m.), a large TV studio (150 sq. m. / height – 6 m., effective – 4 m.) and a small TV studio (80 sq. m.) fully equipped with modern lighting equipment.

EAVK also provides its students with: CANON100 cameras with 35 mm chip, SONYX70 cameras – with capabilities for fully manual functions, tripods with inertial panoramic heads, modern hydraulic tripod heads, external video displays, Sekonic light meters, lenses with fixed focal length, shoulder tripods, flow focus as well as ones with stabilized camera system, smoke machine, sprinkler, slider, struts, dollies, movable platform with rubber wheels and lighting equipment with directional and ice utensils, stands, reflective and black apertures, filters, power accessories, four-cameras PTS and sound equipment.

EAVK includes a photo studio and a B/W and color photo laboratory, equipped with various light sources and backgrounds, a set of medium-format and large-format photo cameras and modern digital equipment.

The audio-post-production unit consists of a recording studio and 4 audio-post-production suites, equipped with modern software. The video post-production unit consists of 6 editing suites, equipped with PC workstations and software (Adobe Creative Cloud and DaVinci Resolve) for video editing and effects; and a computer hall equipped with 32 PC stations and software designed for group lectures and exercises in set design, SFX, editing and animation.

The EAVK has two cinemas – 1) 160 seats hall with a Christie projector DWU670-E DLP, stereo sound; and 2) 60 seats hall.