Premiere of “School of Sight” at NATFA


More than a year ago, Prof. Dr. Velimir Velev elaborated a series of workshops with participation of students from NATFA and blind actors from the “Unseen Theater”. The hard work, patience and shared desire for creativity gave birth to the first premiere of the second year students from the programs Theater of Movement-Pantomime at NATFA – “Shadows of our Souls”. The hybrid show was presented at the end of October 2021 on the stage of Cinema Theater “Osvobozhdenie”. The performance can be seen on the website of the Virtual Interactive Puppet Stage here:

“This performance is my deep bow to the memory of Prof. Georgieva – thanks to her the “Interactive Improvisation and Puppet Theater of the Future” was realized. My research continued in the “Theory of the Future ICT Spectacle”, and the current show is part of it” – shares Prof. Velev.

The collaboration between NATFA and “Unseen Theater” is based on the concept of “School of Sight”, emphasizing on the conscious interactions between the sighted and the blind (actors), where each part gains the other viewpoint and looks at our life and at the world we live in with different eyes and different perspective.

The project “School of Vision “, funded by the National Cultural Fund under the One-Year Programme for Support of Private Professional Organizations in the Field of Arts.