Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova is among the invited experts to open the International Online Academic Conference, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki


Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova, Program Director of MA in Management of Performing Arts and Industries at NATFA is invited to the opening panel of the International academic online conference “The Art of Re­think­ing: New Era for Arts Man­age­ment”.

The two days conference (9-10 June 2022) is on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Arts Management education at the Sibelius Academy and will host keynote speeches, research presentations, and panel discussions around the key topics of Arts Management research and practice, the current state and future challenges of arts management as an educational field.

Among the discussed topics are: digitalization and its effects on the practice and policy of arts and culture, marketing and branding in cultural and creative industries, creative entrepreneurship, diversity of cultural expressions, culture and globalization, and many others.