Project EMPACT: Artists’ books



Project EMPACT: Artists’ books:

“Empathy for Nature: Exploring Interdisciplinary Collaborations in the Arts” and “Empathy for Nature: Reflections on Socially Engaged Arts


EMPACT – Empathy and sustainability: The art of thinking like a mountain“, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Program (Grant agreement nº: 101055903 – EMPACT – CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-2) coordinated by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and the Asst. Professors Efi Kyprianidou and Yiannis Christidis, proudly presents two thought-provoking artists’ books that document the actions undertaken during the Socially Engaged and Interdisciplinary Artistic Projects activities and offer insight into the diverse and captivating collaborations conducted. The two Artists’ books are free to download.


Artist book 1 | Empathy for Nature: Exploring Interdisciplinary Collaborations in the Arts

This book reveals fourteen diverse artistic projects executed by all seven EMPACT partners between June and December 2023. These collaborations, covering fields like philosophy, architecture, urban planning, biology, and anthropology resulted in unique artistic creations, shedding light on the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaborations in reshaping humanity’s bond with the natural environment.

The collaborators in this project were:

  • Annamaria Ajmone, Natália Trejbalová & Manlio Speciale (FLP)
  • Giovanni Di Domenico, Gaetano Ortolano & marco Viccaro (FLP)
  • Konstantinos Avramidis & Twenty Three (CUT)
  • Panayiotis Michael & Christina Lambrou (CUT)
  • Spas Karimov & Jordan Varbanov (NATFA)
  • Alexander Mandzhukov & Vanya Todorova (NATFA)
  • Dimitris Alithinos & Stavros Vlizos (VM)
  • Pantelis Chandris & Pavlina Kyrkou (VM)
  • Ana Likar & Twa Hvala (UGM)
  • Matjaz Wenzel & Miran Pustoslemisck (UGM revisar nombre)
  • Eléna Nemkova & Petra Gruber (NAHR)
  • Leonardo Caffo & Francesco Pedrini (NAHR)
  • Begoña Rius & Enrique Rius (ER)
  • Deneb Martos & Miguel Alfonso Bouhaben (ER)


Artist book 2 | Empathy for Nature: Reflections on Socially Engaged Arts

Compilation of the five unique socially-engaged art interventions where each partner invited an artist to collaborate with local communities, social groups, as well as university and high-school students. These interventions transcended traditional artistic boundaries, compelling viewers to reconsider their relationship with nature in different and thought-provoking ways.

The artist collaborating in this project were:

  • Anna Lytridou & Ben Deakin (CUT)
  • Dr. Velimir Velev, Elina Topalska & Nikoleta Ilcheva (NATFA)
  • Lea Petrou (VM)
  • Mauro Maugeri, Orazio Condorelli (FLP)
  • Alejandra Diaz Guerra (ER)