Creative Viability in Non-urban Areas – Webinar N#3 


How does cultural and creative work contribute to place-based sustainability and resiliency? — This is the topic of IN SITU Webinar #3, the last (but not least!) event of the IN SITU webinar series “Creative vitality in non-urban areas?”.

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 14h30-16h30 CET, our hosts and IN SITU partners Mark Justin Rainey (University of Galway) and Ieva Zemite (Latvian Academy of Culture) will guide us through a panel discussion with our speakers:


Patrick Collins (University of Galway – IN SITU Partner)

Jude Ortiz (NORDIK Institue, Algoma University – IN SITU International Advisory Board Member)

Leandro Pisano (Interzona Cultural Association)

Markéta Dolejšová (Aalto University – CreaTures: Creative Practices for Transformational Futures)

Arja Lemmetyinen (University of Turku – DISCE: Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies)


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Creative Viability in Non-urban Areas?


NATFIZ participates in the IN SITU webinars this fall: join us!

This fall, the IN SITU project, where NATFIZ is one of the 13 European consortium partners, is launching a series of three webinars to address key themes that support the work of cultural and creative ecosystems in European non-urban areas. We’ll bring together cultural and creative organisations and initiatives, EU research projects, as well as IN SITU partners and advisors to learn from their insights and experiences and discuss common challenges.


Save the date for webinar N#1:
What contributes to the viability of small-scale creative enterprises (CCIs) in non-urban areas?
Thursday, September 28, 2023 | 10:30-12:30 (CEST)
Host: Erna Guðrún Kaaber, Bifröst University, Iceland (IN SITU Partner)

Lidia VarbanovaNational Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”,, Bulgaria (IN SITU Partner)

Ralph ListerTake Art Ltd, UK – SPARSE Plus
Musa Htlatshwejo, Mhayise Productions – STAND: Sustaining Theatre and Dance Foundation, South Africa (IN SITU Outreach Partner)

Martha Michailidou, Panteion University, Greece – CORAL-ITN

Ella Björn, Lapland University, Finland – SmartCulTour

With contributions by IN SITU Coordinator Nancy DuxburyCES | Centro de Estudos Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra, and IN SITU Advisor Susan Luckman, University of South Australia.

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Upcoming …

Webinar N#2 | How can CCI innovation ecosystems be fostered in non-urban areas? (30 October 2023)

Webinar N#3 | How does cultural and creative work contribute to place-based sustainability and resiliency? (7 December 2023)



The IN SITU journey has begun

Since our last newsletter in December 2022, much has happened and we are eager to share with you our latest developments.

Research methods

Cultural mapping

Three public reports delivered to the European Commission

  • Drivers of innovation of CCIs located in non-urban areas
  • Socioeconomic contributions and spillovers of CCIs in non-urban regions
  • Case studies in each IN SITU Lab location

Introducing the IN SITU Labs: in focus – Finland

IN SITU partners meeting in Rauma, Finland

IN SITU observer…


  • Thinking and Doing in Rural Places: Cultural Practices in Context
  • The Rural. Documents of Contemporary Art
  • Rural Prosperity through the Arts & Creative Sector
  • Rural Resilience Project
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Rural Europe
  • “Cultural and creative ecosystems: a review of theories and methods, towards a new research agenda”
  • “Where Is the rural creative class? A systematic literature review about creative industries in low-density areas”

Podcast series

Over the last six months, the IN SITU project participated in 10 events.

The next edition of the NEWSLETTER will be in December 2023

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IN SITU partners meet in Rauma, Finland, one of the six IN SITU Lab regions

From May 31 to June 1, 2023 the IN SITU Consortium of partners came together in Rauma, Finland – located in one of the IN SITU Lab areas – to assess the state of research at this point and to discuss and map the next chapter of this Horizon Europe-funded project (no. 101061747). This in-presence working meeting, themed “Mapping and Diagnoses,” was hosted by the University of Turku team of researchers.

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European Commission receives IN SITU report on ‘Drivers of innovation of CCIs located in non-urban areas’

The IN SITU report is developed by Mondragon Innovation & Knowledge (MIK) of Mondragon University, Spain, with the contribution of all project partners. It provides an initial examination of key trends and drivers of innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), as an overall sector and in relation to those located in non-urban areas.

The research aimed to identify the main drivers and the particularities of CCIs innovation in non-urban areas by taking into consideration the diversity of patterns of form, processes, governance, networking capacity, and value chains (from value creation to service delivery), among other characteristics. It also considered how CCIs act as drivers of innovation in economic and non-economic sectors and contribute to societal well-being and sustainability, including the variety of types of spillover effects of the arts, culture and creative industries.

The research was based on a literature review and analysis involving business reports and scientific research; data from the Eurostat database “Structural Business Statistics and Labour Force Survey,” examined through data mining and statistical business data analytics methods; and a compilation of 156 organisational cases and 55 policies/initiative examples contributed by IN SITU partners.

Link to the IN SITU report “Drivers of innovation of CCIs located in non-urban areas”:


IN SITU ‘Speak Out’ workshops uncover key local issues and CCIs ecosystems in non-urban regions of Europe

Throughout the months of March and April 2023, IN SITU Lab Partners are organising numerous public workshops and local cultural mapping exercises to uncover residents’ local development issues, to more closely understand the diverse resources of the locales, and to discover the contours, features, and needs of the cultural and creative ecosystems in each of the IN SITU Labs, in non-urban areas located in Iceland, Finland, Azores/Portugal, Ireland, Latvia and Croatia.

Co-led by the University of Galway and the European Network of Cultural Centres, the IN SITU ‘Speak Outs’ workshop series is developed to engage with each community, inviting citizens to present and discuss key development issues and resources of their place. These workshops are complemented with a variety of local mapping and participatory approaches, including participatory cultural mapping, participatory SWOT analysis, future studies methods, collaborative knowledge building and exchange approaches, arts-based methods, joint analysis, and multi-perspective planning approaches.

NATFA is one of the 13 institutional partners on the project: the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (coordinator); National University of Ireland Galway (Ireland); European Network of Cultural Centres (Belgium); Utrecht University (Netherlands); National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (France); MONDRAGON Innovation & Knowledge (Spain); Kultura Nova Foundation (Croatia); University of the Azores (Portugal); University of Turku (Finland); Latvian Academy of Culture (Latvia); Bifröst University (Iceland); and University of Hildesheim (Germany).


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