European Commission receives IN SITU report on ‘Drivers of innovation of CCIs located in non-urban areas’

The IN SITU report is developed by Mondragon Innovation & Knowledge (MIK) of Mondragon University, Spain, with the contribution of all project partners. It provides an initial examination of key trends and drivers of innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), as an overall sector and in relation to those located in non-urban areas.

The research aimed to identify the main drivers and the particularities of CCIs innovation in non-urban areas by taking into consideration the diversity of patterns of form, processes, governance, networking capacity, and value chains (from value creation to service delivery), among other characteristics. It also considered how CCIs act as drivers of innovation in economic and non-economic sectors and contribute to societal well-being and sustainability, including the variety of types of spillover effects of the arts, culture and creative industries.

The research was based on a literature review and analysis involving business reports and scientific research; data from the Eurostat database “Structural Business Statistics and Labour Force Survey,” examined through data mining and statistical business data analytics methods; and a compilation of 156 organisational cases and 55 policies/initiative examples contributed by IN SITU partners.

Link to the IN SITU report “Drivers of innovation of CCIs located in non-urban areas”: