Empathy, Environment and Sustainable Development: What’s the Role of Arts and Artists? – Interactive workshop – 21-23 April 2023




Empathy, Environment and Sustainable Development: What’s the Role of Arts and Artists?

Three days interactive workshop, with a certificate upon completion

When? 21-22-23 April: 10.00am-1.00pm & 2.30 pm-5.30pm (EEST time)

Where? Sofia, Bulgaria: National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”



We are pleased to announce this seminar/workshop in the framework of the innovative project EMPACT – Empathy and Sustainability: The Art of Thinking like a Mountain, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No: 101055903 – EMPACT – CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-2). The workshop focuses on the use of sustainable practices in the arts that fosters an empathic stance towards human, non-human beings and nature, artists’ resilience and psychological characteristics, and thus effectively incorporating the concept of sustainability into artistic practices and production.

In the three days interactive workshop, organized in six sessions:

• We will explore how artists and cultural organisations can connect effectively their creative work, actions and strategies with environmental issues, empathy and sustainability.

• We will explore key theoretical discourses of empathy, resilience and the psychological portrait of artists;

• We will discuss successful practices and artistic applications of empathy, environment and sustainability: approaches, applications and artworks in Bulgaria and other countries.

• We will analyze opportunities, risks, and future trends and will seek together new ways of cooperation between artists, psychologists, social scientists and policy-makers for a more empathic and environmentally sustainable future.

• We will work together guided by creative professionals in smaller groups on a specific theme/topic/subject of interest and/or a creative idea.

The themes for each day are split into a morning session with interactive presentations and discussions, and an afternoon collaborative creative work in smaller groups (artistic atelier) on a specific theme, or topic of interest.

• Day 1: Environmental sustainability in the arts management practice: How can creativity help for a cleaner and greener Planet?

• Day 2: Empathy, psychology and artists: Balancing personal, social and emotional dimensions of artistic profession.

• Day 3: Sustainable development of creative organisations: Discourses and the way ahead.

The seminar is organized by the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” (NATFA), an EMPACT consortium partner,  and will be held in Bulgarian (and English) languages.

Seminar speakers/moderators are renowned experts and professionals in the field of environment, empathy, sustainable development and arts management: Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marina Stefanova, Dr. Denitza Kaprieva. Afternoon workshops will be led by creative professionals – Prof. Dr. Katerina Ilkova, Dr. Yana Djarova (Karakoleva), Dr. Krasimira Ivanova, Dr. Mila Stoeva, and young talented artists and creatives from the Master Programs in Management of Performing Art and Industries, Public Speech and Theatre Art at NATFA: Petromil Denev, Kristina Mircheva, Maria Panayotova and Stefan Kirilov.


If you are an artist, cultural professional, arts manager, researcher, educator, student, cultural policy-maker, join us!  The seminar has a limited number of participants: to reserve your place, please fill in the short registration form here (the number of participants is limited): https://forms.gle/HTPyrzJLmr6CfHdY8  (please open with Chrome web browser).

The seminar is free of charge and if registered, please make sure that you can participate so that the public money is well spent. You will receive a Zoom link and the detailed seminar program upon registration.

For additional information about the seminar: please contact Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova, EMPACT Project Lead for NATFA, email: lidiavarbanova@gmail.com.

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