EMPACT project: Opening of the exhibition ‘Eyes in the Stone” in Maribor


Project EMPACT: Artists’ books:

“Empathy for Nature: Exploring Interdisciplinary Collaborations in the Arts” and “Empathy for Nature: Reflections on Socially Engaged Arts


EMPACT – Empathy and sustainability: The art of thinking like a mountain“, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Program (Grant agreement nº: 101055903 – EMPACT – CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-2) coordinated by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and the Asst. Professors Efi Kyprianidou and Yiannis Christidis, proudly presents two thought-provoking artists’ books that document the actions undertaken during the Socially Engaged and Interdisciplinary Artistic Projects activities and offer insight into the diverse and captivating collaborations conducted.



EMPACT: Artistic projects and interventions



20.10.2023 г.Socially Engaged Art Intervention. The Nature Outside and Inside Me. (A theatrical performance – Social action)

Author and Project Lead: prof. Velimir Velev. Artistic directors of Dance and Art Company “SOFISTIK-JIVO”: Elina Topalska and Nikoleta Ilcheva






27.10.2023 г.: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Artistic project. Museum Of Emotions. (Creative project & performance)

Aleksander Mandzhukov‘s idea inspired by a conversation with Vanya Todorova (Equestrian base “Achilles”)






11.11.2023 г.: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Artistic project. Brain Waves Art. 

Elaborated by: Jordan Varbanov, Actor








The EMPACT project involves a series of interrelated creative interventions that include:

  • 5 collaborative, socially engaged art interventions (with the participation of artists, communities and/or students), of which NATFIZ will organize one in the fall of 2023. These events are located in five countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, and Greece). They intend to engage local and public interest in the project’s themes of art, empathy, and the environment.
  • 14 collaborative interdisciplinary artistic projects, leading to the creation of original works of art (interventions between artist-engineer, artist-architect, artist-sociologist or others), of which NATFIZ will organize two in the fall of 2023. These interventions will be located in the countries of the project partners. They are expected to stimulate intellectual cooperation between artists, scientists and researchers in all fields and discover innovative aspects of interactions between art and other fields and professions (social and pure sciences, creative industries, economics, etc.)

The key goal of the interventions as part of the EMPACT project is to promote the development of sustainable models that can be used to address specific issues related to sustainability, ecology and the promotion of the circular economy.

A detailed schedule of the socially engaged events is here. The interdisciplinary projects’ calendar will be added later.