Theatre Art

Established: 2005

Educational Degree: Master of Arts

Duration – 1 year (2 semesters)

Form of education: Full-time


Program Director:

Prof. Dr. Veneta Doycheva






Academic Team

Prof. Dr. Sc. Kamelia Nikolova (Contemporary Theatre Practices); Prof. Dr. Veneta Doycheva (Тheory of Drama); Prof. Dr. Sc. Miroslav Dachev (Semiotics in the Arts); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asen Terziev (Specificity of Theatre Performance, Communication in a Foreign language – English), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vilia Velikova (Pedagogy in the Arts); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petar Goranov (Contemporary Philosophical Ideas, Ethics);  Dr. Rumiana Nikolova (Preparation and Development of Stage Project); Dr. Delyana Maneva (Text and Production Interpretation, Grotrovski and the Laboratory Theatre), Mirena Staneva (Еuiropean Cultural Policies and Projects); Dr. Krasimir Kostelov (Practical Editing of Text)



This programme aims to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of contemporary theater practice, theory and pedagogy. The intensive renewal and restructuring of the theater sector in Bulgaria, the mass implementation of new technologies and intercultural practices in the creation and distribution of stage products require the emergence of well-informed, creative individuals, able to react adequately to the changed environment. The program focusses on offering in-depth broad knowledge of the performing arts. Professionals from various creative fields (actors, set designers, musicians) and humanitarian fields (journalists, philologists, philosophers) could expand their competencies in diverse areas of the history and theory of theater through this programme. It also offers an updated knowledge on the dynamics of the theatrical practice nationally and internationally and provides an opportunity for acquiring specialized knowledge and competence in a specific area of theatrical activities, chosen by the candidate – e.g. new initiatives and creative concepts for events, research and programs in the field of theater and in the fields of education, science and cultural policy).



Education is only full-time , lasting 1 year (2 semesters). Besides NATFA graduates, the programme is also open to students who have graduated other higher educational institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. In this case, they have to follow up an enriched curriculum, consisting of additional electives and activities that provide specialized knowledge in the field. The educational process  ends up with a public defense of a master thesis – a theoretical study, depending on the chosen specialization.



Graduates acquire educational qualification degree Master of Arts, with professional qualification “Master of Theater Art”. They may find jobs as experts in all public or private institutions, which mainly or partially aim at the creation and distribution of stage works; in research and educational institutions in the field of performing arts; as experts at institutions related to the performing arts and new media; as specialists in the field of distribution of stage works, storage and use of audiovisual products, festival events, cultural events; as specialists in the management and legal regulation of state, collective and private institutions in the field of theater, cinema, television and audiovisual (state bodies, public and private television channels, copyright management companies).



When submitting the documents, the applicants present a theoretical work for a research project on a freely chosen topic and a short creative CV.


Stage I: Based on the submitted documents. Applicants who receive a score lower than average (3.00) cannot participate in Stage II.


Stage II: Oral Exam

The Selection Committee interviews the applicants about the materials, included in their portfolio. The aim of the interview is to understand the applicants’ potential capabilities, interests, overall cultural knowledge and mindset, ability for independent thinking and artistic reflections. Applicants who receive a score lower than average (3.00) cannot participate in the final ranking.