Management of Screen Arts

Established: 2004

Educational degree: Маster of Arts

Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)

Form of education: Full-time


Program Director:

Prof. Dr. Sc. Lubomir Halachev






Academic Team:

Prof. Dr. Sc. Lubomir Halatchev (Preparation and Development of the Screen Project, Shooting process  and Post-production), Prof. Dr. Sc. Vladimir Ignatovski (Theory of Performing Arts), Prof. Dr. Michail Meltev (Management of Screen Arts Institutions), Prof. Dr. Ivo Draganov (TV Programming), Prof. Dr. Sc. Miroslav Dachev (Semiotics, World Culture), Prof. Dr. Spaska Zafirova (History of Philosophy), Prof. Dr. Lidia Varbanova (Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Creative Industries), Prof. Dr. Petar Kaftandjiev (Advertising in Creative Organisations) , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ema Konstantinova (History of Producing), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Lazarova (Copyrights and Related Rights in Audiovisual Industry), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivaylo Kostov (History of Mythology and Religion), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Donev (Film Distribution and Film Screening), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bilyana Tomova (Cultural Economics), Dr. Diana Andreeva-Popyordanova (Financing and Marketing the Arts), Dr. Martichka Bozhilova (Production of Non-feature Films, European Co-production), Dessislava Dimitrova (Public Relations), Dr. Dessislava Stoycheva (Arts Management and Creation), Dr. Petar Miladinov (Cultural Economics)



Class 2018-2019

One of the strategic goals of putting Bulgarian cinema and television on the global stage is to invest in the education of qualified specialists who could adapt the new models by following the trends and could be able to solve complex problems in the field of independent audio-visual production and distribution.

The goal of the programme Management of Screen Arts is to offer a modern type of education, considering the world trends, but also oriented towards the multilayered specificity of the rapidly developing new trends in Bulgaria.

The Master`s programme is also open to students who have graduated from other higher educational institutions in Bulgaria and abroad. In these cases, students have to follow up an enriched curriculum, consisting of additional optional courses and activities that provide specialized knowledge in the field, suggested by the Program Director.



Education is only full time, lasting one year (2 semesters). In some cases, classes could be held online



The educational process finishes with a public defense of a Master thesis that includes a management project and a scientific research paper.

The graduated students from the Management of Screen Arts programme acquire the educational qualification degree Master of Arts, with professional qualification “Manager of Screen Arts”. Graduates could work in all state and private institutions, fully or partially having the purpose of creation and distribution of screen productions; as experts in other fields of audiovisual production and new media; as specialists in the film distribution, archiving and usage of audiovisual products, festivals, cultural events; as specialists in the management and legal regulations of state, collective and private institutions in the field of cinema, television and audiovisual production.



When submitting their application, candidates must also submit a portfolio. It may contain scripts, essays, poems, short stories, plays, novels, paintings, drawings, photographs, films, original music, performances of songs and musical instruments, recordings of musical performances and other artistic materials of the candidate’s choice. Textual materials must be in a pdf format and not exceeding 5 pages. Images must be in jpg format. Audiovisual materials must be in mp-4 format and not exceeding a total duration of 10 minutes. Sound materials must be in mp-3 format and not exceeding a total duration of 10 minutes. The purpose of the portfolio is to show the applicant’s interests, artistic preferences, potential skills and mindset in as many details as possible. All materials must be uploaded in the Google Drive cloud space with a limit up to 3 GB.

The portfolio obligatory includes a detailed creative CV of the candidate and a managerial project.


Stage 1 (Anonymous, Written Exam)

Candidates pass a written exam on a topic from the Bulgarian and world art and culture.

Exam duration: 360 minutes

Candidates who receive a score lower than average (3.00) cannot participate in Stage II.


Stage 2 (Oral Exam)

The Selection Committee interviews the applicants about the materials, included in their portfolio. The aim of the interview is to understand the applicants’ potential capabilities, interests, overall cultural knowledge and mindset, ability for independent thinking and artistic reflections. Candidates who receive a score lower than average (3.00) cannot participate in the final ranking.




Eleni Dekidis: Film Producer (Class 2012-2013):

In my opinon, the most important thing in the program was that I had the opportunity to undertake my first steps in working with young directors.

It was a challenge to work in a teams, but that is an essential part of the job. Now I have my own company for promotion of young Bulgarian directors.

On the photo, I am in the team working on the new film by the Director Lachezar Avramov, Producer Nikolay Mutafchiev (Premier Studio Plus). From left to right in the photo are: Torsten Lipstock (Cameraman), Kitodar Todorov (starring), Antonia Tsinova (Organizer) and myself (Line Producer).


Dimitar Enchev: Creative Director & Executive Producer at (Class 20102011):

Great program!

It covers all the necessary modules that a producer must know and must apply.

I learned the basic principles and processes in creating an audiovisual creative piece – the idea, the scripts, the budget, the distribution, etc.

I strongly recommend this program to the future students!



Boryana Raycheva, Chief Editor of News at Eurocom TV (Class 2013-2014):

The knowledge and skills, acquired during the training at NATFA helps me daily at my work in the visualization of news in a professional, aesthetical and exciting for the viewers way so that every news looks like an audio-visual completed work.

I highly recommend the master program Management of Screen Arts and I wish success to the current and the future students!