Programme Performing Arts Directing”

Established: 1948

Educational Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

Form of Education: Full-time


Class Leader/Key Tutor 2021-2025

Assos. Prof. Dr. Anton Ugrinov





Academic team:

Prof. Plamen Markov
 (Drama Theatre Directing, Drama Theatre Acting), Prof. Zdravko Mitkov (Drama Theatre Acting, Drama Theatre Directing), Prof. .Margarita Mladenova (Drama Theatre Acting, Drama Theatre Directing), Prof. Dr. Kamelia Nikolova (Introduction to the History of European Theatre, History of European Theatre, Theory and History of Theatre Directing), Prof. Dr. Anna Topaldjikova (History of Bulgarian Theatre), Prof. Dr. Veneta Doycheva (Theory of Drama), Prof. Dr. Veselina Raeva (Language Codes), Prof. Dr. Spaska Zafirova (History of Philosophy, Aesthetics), Prof. Nikolay Yordanov (Theory of Performance), Prof. Julian Kuyumdjiev (History of Music), Assoc. Prof. Boyka Donevska (History of Plastic Arts), Assoc. Prof. Mira Kalanova (Scenography for Drama Theatre), Dr. Margarita Bojilova-Andonova (Stage Movement), Dr. Krasimir Kastelov (Introduction to History of Cinema), Dr. Diana Andreeva (Marketing and Advertising), Dr. Dessislava Stoycheva (Arts Management), Dr. Ina Bojidarova (Cultural Policy), Yavor Gurdev (Drama Theatre Directing), Lyudmila Stoin (Drama Theatre Directing, Drama Theatre Acting), Аssen Avramov (Sound and Music in the Theatre Production);


The main aim of this programme is to help students to master and apply the fundamental principles of theater directing; to get acquainted with the major trends, schools and methods in the performing arts; to train them to work in a team, focusing on how to discover and develop their own creative personality.

As part of the organisation of the theatrical process, the students have to master the technology of the staging process and the methodology, the coordination and inter-dependencies of the individual components of the theatrical structure, and the specificity of the director’s creative work with all the various artists in the process.


Training is carried out in classes of minimum 4 students. Each class is tutored by professors, elected by the Department Council of the “Drama Theater Chair” and approved by the Faculty of Stage Arts Council as well as the NATFA Academic Council. Education in the programme can only be at a full-time basis and lasts for 4 years. All practical exams are public.


Graduates acquire the educational qualification degree “Bachelor of Arts” with professional qualification “Director for Drama Theatre” and find jobs at profesisional theatres (state, municipal, private, independent), film and television productions, television and radio programs, dubbing studios, etc. They could also continue further their education in Master programs.



Obligatory application materials: one monologue, one prose excerpt. Other materials (by the candidate’s choice are allowed).


Stage I (anonymous)

Applicants write an essay on a topic, derived from a preliminary required list of theatre plays.

Exam duration: 240 minutes.

Candidates who receive a score lower than average (3.00) cannot participate in Stage II (III).


Stage II

Applicants interpret by theatrical means excerpts from the play from Stage I and perform creative tasks on the obligatory textual materials at the choice of the Selection Committee.


Phase III

Analysis of a dramatic fragment from the preliminary required list of theatre plays followed by an interview on the candidate’s cultural background and creative ideas. The Selection Committee may provoke the intuition, imagination and analytical thinking of the candidates using paintings, musical fragments, photographs, unknown texts, etc.

Candidates who receive a score lower than average (3.00) cannot participate in the final ranking.