“Challenge 48h00 inter-European schools” – European Grouping of Film and Television Schools


Включете се във филмовото предизвикателство на европейските филмови училища!

Ще имате 48 часа, за да подготвите и заснемете много кратък филм на английски или с английски субтитри – 1, 2 минути.

Предизвикателството ще е през март. Темата ще бъде обявена в последната минута.

Моля, заявете участието си като пишете на natfiz.foreign.dep@gmail.com или на страницата ни във фейсбук.


Challenge 48h00 inter-European schools


This exercise, already practiced internally at 3iS, offers the advantage of being set up quickly and without major organizational difficulties.

The principle is as follows: the students of each participating school (necessarily member of GEECT) will have 48 hours to design, write and produce a very short film, in English or subtitled in English, of a duration between 1 and 2 minutes maximum generic included. (Filming on mobile phones, postproduction on the editing stations of your establishment).
A theme will be imposed, as well as additional narrative constraints announced at the last minute.
Students of 3iS are always happy to meet for these challenges internships internally, and would be very happy to live this experience simultaneously with foreign students!
Through its pedagogical scope (know-how, teamwork, strength of proposal, creativity, speed of execution) this competition aims to connect the students of European film schools by sharing their productions and the same work dynamic.

The selection of the laureates will take place in two stages detailed in the specifications in attachment:

  • Selection by each school of its three best films
  • Selection of three major participating inter-school winners.

The awards for the laureates remain to be defined together.

This first edition, which will take place in March 2019, will be limited to a maximum of seven participating European schools.