If you would like to be our student, you have to meet the following entry requirements:

1. А diploma of completed secondary or higher education, which allows you to continue your education in a university or an academy.

2. A proof that you do not have diseases that are contraindicated for admission in your chosen BA or MA programme.

3. A proof that you are not a person, serving a sentence of imprisonment at the beginning of the school year.

4. You have to pay the non-refundable application fee before every stage of the entrance exams. The fee is paid by bank transfer to the account of NATFA:

IBAN: BG16BNBG96613100176501




The payment order must specify:

  • The reason for the bank transfer: the fee and the name of the BA/MA for which you are applying (the respective name may be in an abbreviation).
  • Obligatory person: Name, surname, surname of the applicant, PIN.
  • Ordering: Name, surname, surname of the orderer


Candidates can apply simultaneously for two BA/MA in each faculty at NATFA.

You need to submit the following documents when applying:


  • Application form based on a template (Note: the application is filled in in an electronic form and attached to the relevant e-mail to the respective Faculty, based on the applicant’s first choice of programme).
  • Declaration of consent to the use of personal data.
  • Scanned diploma for completed secondary education for Bachelor Degree and for higher education for Master D (Note: Persons who have completed secondary or higher education abroad have to submit a copy of a legalized diploma from the Ministry of Education and Science).
  • Medical certificate that the applicant does not suffer from diseases that are contraindicated for the education in the desired programme;
  • Medical certificate from the respective district psychological dispensary that the person is not registered
  • Receipt for paid application fee for participation in the entrance exams. People who hold documents for disability of first and second level, orphans (up to 25 years of age) and mothers with three or more children are excluded from paying the application fee;
  • Recent photo, in passport format (jpg format, up to 1 MB).
  • Declaration that the attached documents are scanned from the originals.
  • Declaration under A 58, p. 1 of the Regulations for the structure and the activity of NATFA.

The documents under p. 1 shall be submitted online to the e-mail indicated by NATFA.


For applicants for Bachelor degree programmes at the Faculty of Stage Artspriemfsib@natfiz.bg

For applicants for Master degree programmes at the Faculty of Stage Artspriemfsim@natfiz.bg


For applicants for Bachelor degree programmes at the Faculty of Screen Artspriemfeib@natfiz.bg

For applicants for Master Degree programmes at the Faculty of Screen Artspriemfeim@natfiz.bg


The submitted files with application documents must be named as follows:


“Abbreviation of the BA/MA – name of the student – name of the document”



  • Film and TV Editing
  • FTE-MariaPetrova-statement
  • FTE-MariaPetrova-copy of diploma
  • FTE-MariaPetrova-photo


Upon submission of the documents, the applicant shall receive a confirmation number, valid for all entry exams. Documents shall not be accepted after the deadline. No changes shall be made in the already submitted documents.


For each BA/MA additional application documents are required (e.g. a creative portfolio, a project or others). Please consult the respective BA/MA programmes’ pages online.


Art. 9. Foreigners who hold the status of refugees or those who are permanent residents at the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, may apply according to the conditions and the order, determined for Bulgarian citizens. Permanent residence is certified by an identity document.


Art. 10. Foreigners of Bulgarian nationality, certified by the Decree № 103 of the Council of Ministers of 1993 and Decree № 228 of the Council of Ministers of 1998 for carrying out educational activities among Bulgarians abroad, submit their documents to the Ministry of Education and Science and are admitted under the conditions and the order, determined in the respective act of the Council of Ministers.


Art. 11. Foreigners who pay for their education shall submit to NATFA by September 1 (including) of the current calendar year, the following documents:


  1. Application form.
  2. Short autobiography.
  3. Copy of diploma for completed secondary or higher education – legalized, translated and certified.
  4. Document issued by a local authority, stating that the candidate can apply for higher education in the country of origin which has to be legalized with an apostil (a special rectangular stamp of the relevant country), translated in Bulgarian language and certified by a local authority and the Bulgarian Consulate in the country of origin..
  5. Translated and legalized medical certificate, certifying the absence of diseases contraindicated for education in the chosen by the candidate BA/MA programme – issued within one month prior to the date of the application and certified by the relevant authorities in the country from which the person applies.