ELIA Future Arts – The Magic of Creative Technology in Education – 5 October 2021


ELIA Future Arts

The Magic of Creative Technology in Education

Tuesday 5 October

13:00 – 16:30 CEST

In this second Future Arts session the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht takes you on a journey through their state of the art Creative Technology. HKU has four Blackbox workshops, each equipped with tools, techniques and knowledge related to art, creativity and performance.

Technologies include: Projection Mapping, Chromascreen, Motion Capture, Sensors, Virtual Reality and Theatre Lighting. In these workshops the magic happens as artists shape their own mixed reality.

In this interactive session, Blackbox manager – Astrid van der Velde – alongside HKU instructors and students showcase HKU’s technologies, educational approaches and critical art emerging out of this environment. TechnoFuturist, Galit Ariel will investigate exciting student creations.

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ELIA Future Arts is an experimental interactive online series exploring the potential of technological developments in immersive and interactive arts education. Brought to you by ELIA Supporting Members (HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Zurich University of the Arts, TU Dublin, College of Arts and Tourism, and Amsterdam University of the Arts).


Registration is free of charge to all staff and students of ELIA member institutions.