Kastellorizo International Documentary Festival: Last Call for Entries






Beyond Borders 

Kastellorizo International Documentary Festival ​​

25/08 – 01/09/2024T


Beyond Borders | Kastellorizo ​​International Documentary Festival is getting prepared for its 9th edition and sets sail for it from August 25 to September 1, 2024!

After the huge success of the last edition of the Festival, in which 835 films from 93 countries were submitted, the organization invites Greek and foreign documentary filmmakers to submit their films from January 3 to April 30, 2024.

The 9th edition of Beyond Borders will showcase, to its competitive programme, 42 films in the following two sections: the Main Competition Section, for films of medium (31 – 60 minutes) and feature (61 + minutes) length, and the μicro Competition Section for short (up to 30 minutes) length films. It is reminded that in μicro, directors with up to 3 films (directed) have the exclusive right to submit.

The submission deadline for films for the 9th edition of Beyond Borders is gradually approaching its end (April 30, 2024).Please, submit short films to the μicro Competitive Section of our Festival. 

The μicro Competitive Section – established with the kind support of ZDF/Phoenix – hosts 24 short films (up to 30′) each year.

In the μicro section, young and emerging filmmakers from around the world comment on reality, challenge certainties, and envision the future through a series of exciting films, with a fresh and contemporary perspective.

Directors with up to 3 films to their credit are eligible to submit to this section, and every year the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Phoenix μicro Awards are presented.

Equally important: the call for submissions for this year’s edition of the Festival’s Pitching Lab, titled “From Idea to Project,” has already begun.

The Audio-Visual Pitching Lab of Beyond Borders, unique of its kind in Greece, offers young filmmakers the opportunity to present their basic idea for a documentary to a group of highly experienced professionals from the film industry, such as producers, distributors, directors, editors, film critics, and more.

Participants will receive professional feedback on how to turn their idea into action, and they will have the opportunity to present their idea to leading figures in the film and television industry, actively seeking funding for their project.

 Additionally, the best project selected by the Lab’s jury will win a mentoring session with personalized funding and development advice (worth 1,500 euros) from Filmiki Productions, one of the top production companies in Greece.

We want to see the world through your eyes!