Welcome to the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Kr. Sarafov”

Sofia, Bulgaria


NATFA is the most popular educational institution for Theatre and Film Arts in Bulgaria, situated in the heart of the capital city Sofia. It is the oldest and the most prestigious in the field – it celebrated 70th anniversary few years ago. More than 650 students study here and they have the privilege to be taught by the most experienced professionals – by more than 85 full time professors. The academic teaching staff is known for its high artistic achievements in the country and abroad. The professors here aspire to develop curricula and programs which meet the individual needs of the students and enable them to form their own creative and methodological approaches.
NATFA received the official ERASMUS charter awarded under the ERASMUS+ programme from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) . NATFA could offer a life-changing experience to you! You`ll receive support to succeed, wherever you’re coming from!

The main building of the Academy is in centrally located and densely populated part of the capital. This location offers easier journeys to all cultural events. Short commutes and low transportation costs are prized by foreigners. This part of the city can offer walkability and attractive for the students bicycling infrastructure and parks where they can spontaneously gather. There are many places that could be called comfortable spot to relax. Academy is on so called Bulgarian Broadway – on or near Rakovski street there are six theatres, a big concert hall and the National Opera Theatre. The National Palace of Culture is a ten- minute walk from NATFA. Many galleries, including National Gallery, are in the neighborhood.


The academy has accepted many foreign students, including those who have been on an ERASMUS+ exchange. We have taught a lot of students from Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Germany, Turkey and others. We have also accepted students for traineeships in the program. The students usually share with us their perspective that here people better appreciated their aesthetic, even their personal style than did people in other counties.




• You could come to study here for one semester or for an academic year/ two semesters/. ERASMUS offers financial support to study at our academy (please, check with your university for details on the study grant);

• The minimum traineeship period is 2 months and the maximum 12;

• Courses successfully passed here will be recognized by your university based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Available courses at NATFA and their number of credits, are available below




Bachelor of Arts

Stage Arts

 Screen Arts
Film and TV Design
Film and TV Sound
Film and TV Production

Master of Arts

Screen Arts

Directing for the Screen Forms
Art Photography

Stage Arts



Using ERASMUS, you can teach at NATFA

  • ERASMUS offers financial support to teach at our university (please check with your university for details);
  • The teaching period is usually one week (minimum 8 teaching hours over a period of maximum 6 weeks);
  • Please contact our Erasmus Coordinators to discuss all the academic details: erasmus.natfa@gmail.com



Should you be interested in visiting our academy, please contact us: see Erasmus Contacts




1. Nomination from your university: your university has to nominate you as an Erasmus student at NATFA.
2. Application procedure/documents
2.1. Erasmus Application  (download here)
2.2. Learning Agreement for Studies (download here)
2.3. Transcript of Records
2.4.Curriculum Vitae   (download here)
2.5.Portfolio or Audio / video recording (up to 15 min. of performance

Fill, sign, scan & send documents by e-mail to erasmus.natfa@gmail.com and original documents send by post to NATFA (look at “erasmus contacts”)

3. NATFA Nomination: after you send us your Applications documents we have one month to set a decision and nominate Erasmus Students for our academy and to send them the Acceptance Letter

Deadlines (application & NATFA nomination):

• Winter Semester (September 15th to mid-February)
Application May 15th & Results June 15th

• Summer Semester (mid of February – end of June)
Application November 15th & Results December 15th


Accommodation: All Erasmus students can be accommodated at reasonable prices at the Academy`a dormitory situated on the premises of the Sofia Students’ Campus. The campus never stops living and its infrastructure includes sports’ facilities, a wide variety of restaurants, recreational and entertainment canters, a specialized polyclinic hospital, shopping areas, children playgrounds and nursery-schools, low-price students’ diners and a convenient transport network.



Incoming & Outgoing mobilities: Dr. Krasimira Ivanova (tel. +359 9231 231), Dr. Yana Dzharova – Karakoleva (+359 9231 233)

Institutional Coordinator: Iliana Dimitrova (tel+359 9231 211)
e-mail: erasmus.natfa@gmail.com


Hope you will have a fruitful and unforgettable stay here!



National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Kr. Sarafov”
International Relations Office

108A “Rakovsky”Str.
Sofia 1000